38 Super - +P 130 Grain FMJ - PMC - 50 Rounds

38 Super - +P 130 Grain FMJ - PMC - 50 Rounds

Rifle Ammo | .38 Super

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This +P 38 Super ammo is great for target practice, shooting competitions, or good ol' plinking!

PMC ammunition has gained a good reputation among the American shooting community in recent years for their no frills focus on quality and reliability. This product-centric … read more


Brand PMC
Category Rifle Ammo
Manufacturer PMC
Condition New
Caliber .38 Super
Manufacturer SKU 38SA
UPC Barcode 741569070126

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July 26, 2021
Hockey Review Rating 100%

This ol’ world.

Yes I bought my first ever firearm during a pandemic and national riots. Getting shells/cartridges or whatever you call them, was next to impossible. You guys were patient and informative when I frantically tried to get the right size cartridge. And, miracle of miracles, you had one—one!—box that I needed. So at least bad people attacking my home read more would not have to share a round, unless more than 50 came—then I’d have to try for 50 flesh-wounds. I’d make it work. Although I’m in Colorado I was treated like a native son of the south. I appreciate it.

November 18, 2016
Hockey Review Rating 100%

Will purchase more

Was always interested in the .38 Super, and I enjoy shooting a 1911 frame. Recently purchased one, and ammo isnt always easy to find. I'm not a reloader or a ballistics person, but I can say the ammo purchased ran without any hiccups. Weapon shoots nicely and is enjoyable and accurate with this ammo. Service was top notch and I've since re-ordered .38 Super and 10MM.

January 26, 2015
Hockey Review Rating 100%

Great service

Max is a wonderful person and rep for your company. He helped me identify a gun that I had found. Gave me the history and value range of the gun. Very pleasant, very helpful. Btw the answer to the original question is. They are just bullets. Tyvm I will always order from max at lucky gunner. Jeffrey L Mortell

Risk man
October 8, 2014
Hockey Review Rating 100%

38 super

Good ammo - shot from race gun - ammo is light at times but runs strong as long as gun is clean

September 19, 2014
Hockey Review Rating 100%

Excellent quality and performance

This is top quality ammo for a caliber that is somewhat uncommon and quite expensive. LuckyGunner's price is one of the lowest I have seen anywhere, though it is not cheap compared to, say, 9x19mm Parabellum. I fired a full box today through my Rock Island Armory 1911. No FTEs or FTFs. I fired some rounds off of a rest at 25 yards. I managed to get a 2-inch group with five rounds.

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38 Super - +P 130 Grain FMJ - PMC - 50 Rounds Questions and Answers

Asked by Unknown 2 years ago

Hi. Just aquired a WINCHESTER Model 1894 LEVER ACTION .38-55 WCF Repeating RIFLE. Do you stock ammo for this and what options are there? Thanks a million.

Unknown 2 years ago

Hi Don! I regret that we do not currently have 38-55 WCF ammunition in stock. When you search for it, you do want to make very certain you don't order 38 Special or 38 Super, as they are both very different cartridges. We're in the midst of an ammo drough

Asked by Unknown 2 years ago

My father has a 38 Super Colt Government Model Series 70s, can this gun fire +P ammunition? It is hard to find 38 Super ammunition, yet it is a popular caliber for match shooting. Do you sell any non-+P 38 Super besides Amscor which I have heard is very u

Unknown 2 years ago

Hello Bobby, Your best bet would be to check the owner's manual or contact Colt and verify if that gun can fire +P ammo. Once you find out, let us know and we can see what we have for you!

Asked by Unknown 2 years ago

New to shooting and not familiar with .38 Super...can this be used in revolvers and repeating rifles that chamber .357 and /or .38special ?

Unknown 2 years ago

Hello Bob, .38 Super is a semi-auto caliber and is not interchangeable with .38 Special and cannot be fired in a revolver or any other firearm chambered in .38 Special or .357 Magnum. .

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