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Newly manufactured by PMC, this ammunition is great for target practice, range training, and home defense. It is both precision manufactured and economical serving as a great alternative to the steel cased products or the higher priced defensive products that are available.


Brand PMC
Category Rifle Ammo
Manufacturer PMC
Condition New
Caliber 357 Magnum
Manufacturer SKU 357A
UPC Barcode 741569050173

357 Mag - 158 Grain JSP - PMC - 50 Rounds Comparisons

357 Mag - 158 Grain JSP - PMC - 50 Rounds Reviews

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August 24, 2021
Hockey Review Rating 100%

Good product, reasonable price and quick shipping.

I would recommend this product and this website.

Mark S
August 20, 2021
Hockey Review Rating 20%

First and Last time I buy this Ammo

I am not blaming Lucky Gunner for PMC’s poor quality. I read the reviews after I placed my order, sure enough the shells have to be pushed out one at a time using a tool on my S&W revolver because the casing expands locking it in the cylinder.

August 18, 2021
Hockey Review Rating 80%

Trouble ejecting from Ruger SP101

I enjoy PMC ammo for my AR-15s, and it fires well. But this 357Mag ammo didn't function well in my short barreled Ruger SP101. Like others have said, nearly impossible to eject the spent casings. Like, multitool-pulling-it-out-hard. I'll keep it for emergencies/end of the world, but certainly not acceptable for daily carry.

July 27, 2021
Hockey Review Rating 100%

Great quality practice ammo

Excellent quality, fast shipping. Carefully packaged!

Rick I
November 4, 2020
Hockey Review Rating 100%

excelant hunting round

Have used this round for several years now but the 2019 season was the best so far took two hogs and three deer a 10 and 8 point both standing under feeder 80 yards doe 55 yards and one hog 80 yards at feeder last one 42 yards. All were neck shots from my Henry 16" carbine with 3x9x40 Hawk scope. I also use it in my GP-100 6" bbl holds 2" at 50 if you do your part and Henry at read more 100 yards will keep them in 1" all day long. All shots were verified using range finder all I can say is PMC keep cranking them out and don't change a thing.

June 17, 2020
Hockey Review Rating 80%

OK ammo, would not recommend

Shoots very accurately with little smoke. The problem I have is it hard to get the shells out of the cylinder of my S&W R8 revolver. The bottom 1/8" of the shells expand slightly when fired and they have to be forced out past the 1/8" point. Then they fall right out. I will not purchase again. Still will be a customer as this is the first time I've had a problem with any ammo from read more Lucky Gunner.

April 26, 2020
Hockey Review Rating 100%

Ammo quality

Great ammo

October 14, 2019
Hockey Review Rating 80%

Good ammo all around burns clean

Great product

May 27, 2019
Hockey Review Rating 80%

Not to bad

Out of a 18.5 " barrel, 1589 fps 886 ft-lbs.

February 18, 2019
Hockey Review Rating 80%

Decent hunting round

I use this factory round for hunting game up to about 200 lbs. This PMC round is, responsible accurate and has good speed. It is fairly dirty and requires a good bit of cleaning after shooting. It knockes down bigger hogs easily. I got a nice pass through at 80 yards with this round from my 6" GP100 on a 180 lbs hog.

February 6, 2017
Hockey Review Rating 20%

Not that good for other revolvers.

Shot this through my TRR8 and it will be hard to eject the shell. Also it'll sometimes makes it hard to close the cylinder. I shot some Herters through the TRR8 and it seems to be ok so I knew that the TRR8 is picky with hotter ammo. The PMC runs nice through my 686 though so Im happy about that. Time to get rid of that TRR8. Just want to let you guys know that by reading the read more other reviews here, some revolvers dont shoot well with the PMC 357 mag. So reconsider it before buying it.

October 11, 2016
Hockey Review Rating 100%

Solid performance

I've used this load for deer hunting for several seasons now. It gets the job done, what more can you ask for.

357 Mag - 158 Grain JSP - PMC - 50 Rounds Variations

357 Mag - 158 Grain JSP - PMC - 50 Rounds Questions and Answers

Asked by Unknown 2 years ago

Any information on this ammo used in a Henry 357 Carbine?

Unknown 2 years ago

Yes sir, this ammo is optimal for a Henry. Its bullet has the flat nose profile a lever gun needs to avoid accidental discharge when it's dropped or jostled.

Asked by Unknown 2 years ago

Is this ammo made in the USA? Thanks

Unknown 2 years ago

Hello Roy! PMC is based in South Korea where they also make their ammunition. They load to SAAMI specs, with the exception of their mil-spec 5.56x45 and 50 BMG loads.

Asked by Unknown 2 years ago

What ammo do you recommend for a Winchester Model 94 .357 mag rifle? Thanks

Unknown 2 years ago

Hello, Gary! That rifle has a tubular magazine, so any round with a flat nose bullet ought to serve it well. The ammo on this page fits that criterion, as should the other self-defense 357 Mag ammo we currently have in stock. Fortunately, pointed tip bull

Asked by Unknown 2 years ago

Is this PMC Bronze 357 magnum 158 gr JSP SAAMI approved?

Unknown 2 years ago

Yes sir, all PMC ammo is SAAMI spec with the exception of some rifle rounds that are mil-spec.

Asked by Unknown 2 years ago

What barrel length used to attain 1400 fps velocity on spec sheet

Unknown 2 years ago

Hi Jeff. Thanks for reaching out to us at The manufacture reported that this was out of 6" barrel, but did not indicate whether or not it was a test blank barrel or an actual revolver. Ross

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