7.62 Nagant - Mixed Manufacturer Brass Cased - 50 Rounds vs 45 ACP - 230 Grain FNEB - Remington Subsonic - 50 Rounds

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Rifle Ammo 7.62 Nagant - Mixed Manufacturer Brass Cased - 50 Rounds 45 ACP - 230 Grain FNEB - Remington Subsonic - 50 Rounds
Hockey Review Rating Not Rated
Hockey Review Rating Not Rated
Manufacturer Mixed Remington
Condition New New
Caliber 762mm Nagant .45 ACP (Auto)
UPC Barcode R021920205846 047700479804
Manufacturer SKU S45AP4
Brand Remington
Reviews N/A N/A
MSRP $40.00 $34.00
Used Price $28.00 $23.80
Sale Price $36.00 $30.60

Rifle Ammos Descriptions

7.62 Nagant - Mixed Manufacturer Brass Cased - 50 Rounds

If you walk into a store that sells kayaks, golf clubs, winter gloves, and foam yoga mats all in the same place, and ask the clerk for Nagant M1895 ammunition, the uncomprehending look on his face is going to tell you what you probably already expected. You have to go to LuckyGunner.com when you want 7.62 Nagant loads. This ammo is perfect for the revolver you kept as a souvenir from your Russian Imperial Army days. The only reason we’re letting it go for so few roubles is that it’s a genuine assortment: These rounds could have originated from any manufacturer you could name, and on top of that can showcase any kind of bullet you could imagine. (Within reason, of course.) We can guarantee two things about these fifty rounds of 7.62x38mmR. First, they’re all in sterling condition, and indeed if they were in their factory packaging we’d absolutely charge full price for them. Second, they’re all brass cased. None of that steel stuff, so if you intend to reload your harder to find cartridges then you’ll be happy as a kulak with a gallon of potato vodka.

45 ACP - 230 Grain FNEB - Remington Subsonic - 50 Rounds

Do you have a 45 ACP handgun? Do you also have a suppressor? Then all you need now is the ammo. Remington and Advanced Armament Corporation codeveloped this ammo so you can maximize your suppressed handgun’s performance. The 45 ACP is already a subsonic cartridge, and Remington’s Subsonic label ammo certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel in that department. What this cartridge offers that’s special is its bullet: a flat nose enclosed base. No part of the bullet’s core is exposed to hot propellant gasses during ignition, so you can look forward to not having to scrub any lead residue off of your suppressor’s ports or baffles. This bullet’s flat nose profile won’t deliver terminal expansion. But if your objective is to avoid deafening yourself while you use your handgun during home defense, you’ll still find 230 grains of lead and copper suitable for the job. This bullet transfers more than 320 ft lbs of energy over any distance your home could possibly contain. Even if it hasn’t got a suppressor, your handgun should have zero difficulty cycling this brass-cased, non-corrosive and clean-burning American-made ammunition.