300 AAC Blackout - 125 Grain HP MatchKing - ADI World Class - 20 Rounds vs 45 ACP - 230 Grain FNEB - Remington Subsonic - 50 Rounds

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Rifle Ammo 300 AAC Blackout - 125 Grain HP MatchKing - ADI World Class - 20 Rounds 45 ACP - 230 Grain FNEB - Remington Subsonic - 50 Rounds
Hockey Review Rating Not Rated
Hockey Review Rating Not Rated
Manufacturer Australian Defense Industries Remington
Condition New New
Caliber .300 Blackout .45 ACP (Auto)
UPC Barcode 9332153002800 047700479804
Manufacturer SKU S45AP4
Brand Australian Defense Industries Remington
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MSRP $28.00 $34.00
Used Price $19.60 $23.80
Sale Price $25.20 $30.60

Rifle Ammos Descriptions

300 AAC Blackout - 125 Grain HP MatchKing - ADI World Class - 20 Rounds

Australian Munitions is headquartered in – you guessed it – Australia. They are the chief manufacturer of small arms ammo for their country’s military, and they’re a key supplier to the New Zealand Defence Force as well. But the Aussie company isn’t strictly concerned with military ammo. Their ADI World Class subsidiary also produces match grade 300 AAC Blackout ammo, so you can do some world-class shooting with your AR-15 rifle. This cartridge actually features one of America’s best projectiles: the MatchKing, by Sierra. The round’s 125 grain hollow point* bullet made two trips across the Pacific just so it could treat you to stellar accuracy. The MatchKing’s jacket is drawn to a concentricity standard of ±0.0003" in maximum variation. At that scale, any flaw in concentricity is virtually nonexistent. The MatchKing’s weight is also held to a standard of ±0.3 grains, and its core is perfectly distributed because it is so seamlessly contoured to the jacket’s interior geometry. This particular MatchKing also features a flat base instead of a boat tail, which offers the most consistent surface for propellant gasses to push against. ADI World Class engineered this round’s propellant specifically for optimal performance in the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge. Its match grade brass case is manufactured in-house, and it is annealed so it can perfectly conform to the chamber during ignition. *Although technically a hollow point, the MatchKing is not designed for terminal expansion and is not ideal for hunting medium-sized game.

45 ACP - 230 Grain FNEB - Remington Subsonic - 50 Rounds

Do you have a 45 ACP handgun? Do you also have a suppressor? Then all you need now is the ammo. Remington and Advanced Armament Corporation codeveloped this ammo so you can maximize your suppressed handgun’s performance. The 45 ACP is already a subsonic cartridge, and Remington’s Subsonic label ammo certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel in that department. What this cartridge offers that’s special is its bullet: a flat nose enclosed base. No part of the bullet’s core is exposed to hot propellant gasses during ignition, so you can look forward to not having to scrub any lead residue off of your suppressor’s ports or baffles. This bullet’s flat nose profile won’t deliver terminal expansion. But if your objective is to avoid deafening yourself while you use your handgun during home defense, you’ll still find 230 grains of lead and copper suitable for the job. This bullet transfers more than 320 ft lbs of energy over any distance your home could possibly contain. Even if it hasn’t got a suppressor, your handgun should have zero difficulty cycling this brass-cased, non-corrosive and clean-burning American-made ammunition.